Clients turn to Rockpile to provide innovative research
to drive evidence-based brand, product, service line
and marketing strategy.

Strategy is at the heart of how we approach our research consultations. We build a foundation of target audience insight, creating the evidence-base to counsel you in developing, executing and refining your brand, service line, customer experience and integrated marketing strategies. We provide creative and actionable research consultation through each phase of the integrated marketing process:

The ultimate point of differentiation for your brand is when you understand and can respond to your customers better and faster than your competition. Strong brands are built on an intimate understanding of the values, needs and expectations of their target audiences. Whether the target is consumers, physicians, payors, employers or your associates, Rockpile Strategies develops and executes creative and revealing research methodologies that set the stage for your brand, service line, customer experience and communications strategy. In crafting an approach that is right for you, we draw on an extensive and sophisticated toolkit of approaches:
  • Environmental scanning
  • Formative research to understand knowledge, attitudes and beliefs
  • Consumer health behavior modeling
  • Value chain mapping
  • Segmentation modeling and archetyping
  • Competitive brand equity assessment
What sets Rockpile Strategies apart from run of the mill research suppliers is that our work doesn’t end with a thick report and a pile of data. We carry that knowledge forward, working with clients to interpret these insights and formulate brand strategy that aligns with their business objectives. Clients turn to our team for counsel on a host of brand strategy challenges:
  • Brand positioning development
  • Brand avoidance investigation
  • Product concept evaluation and price sensitivity
  • Brand experience mapping
  • Message strategy development
  • Quantitative message concept evaluation
Flawed execution will derail even the most well thought out strategy. Rockpile works with your team and your agency partners to ensure brand alignment with your target audiences throughout all phases of execution. We help evaluate communication concepts so that the most promising ideas move forward into development. Once in market, we track the impact of communication and sponsorship activities to evaluate performance against objectives and to determine whether any mid-course corrections in execution are required.
  • Brand and marketing audits
  • Crisis communications evaluation
  • Communications testing
  • Advertising and message tracking
  • Sponsorship evaluation
Accountability is the watchword in health care today. Whether it’s clinical performance or marketing investments, demonstrating achievement is an expectation. From our perspective, accountability is not just a retrospective act of evaluating stewardship of resources, it’s also a learning opportunity to better understand how your target audiences are responding to your brand so that you are even more efficient in your future brand management efforts. Rockpile Strategies has developed a number of tools and methods to assist clients in evaluating brand management ROI:
  • Brand monitoring
  • Brand equity modeling
  • Brand commitment modeling
  • Outcomes-based evaluation
  • Return on investment modeling